Trainer Jeremiah's Training Philosophy

Personal training to me, is art. The human body is beautiful. And, it is ready to be shaped and molded to maximize the potential held within. I am a sculptor when it comes to training. A person's body is my block of marble. I chisel away imperfections until the beauty underneath is revealed. Every block of marble is different, just like you and I. Past injuries, different goals and fitness levels are all part of the equation, when it comes to sculpting your body. You won't ever have a perfect block of marble to work with. Although with precise chipping of the marble and the partnership between the sculptor and the marble, you've created beautiful artwork. My philosophy on food is simple...DON'T EAT! Eat less, whether it's portion size or skip meals. It's okay to feel hungry. You're trying to change your body and change is uncomfortable. And feeling comfortable is alright. Food is for fueling your body not comfort. Speed is the best way to lose weight. Burning calories is the name of the game. When you exercise with speed, you're bringing your muscles to extreme fatigue and burning the fat around it. With a high heart rate the calories will melt away. I like to do "5 minute bursts". Super set 3 exercises and try to do as many rounds as you can in the time allowed. It works!

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