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I sought out personal training because I had never truly learned how to "work out". Yes, I looked at videos on YouTube and read various things online.
But, it simply wasn't how I needed to learn. I needed someone not to just show me in real life how to properly do various exercises, but to also help me
learn which ones were right for me and my goals.
I had always seen the front of the Body Intensity studio at the intersection of Route 3 and Eagle Road.
And, decided to find out more. I looked online and saw that it was not set up like a drill instructor barking orders
at miserable looking clients. They put an emphasis on the needs and desires of the individual client to create a program
that best suited them.
I called them and set up my free consultation with the owner Dom. And, I was at the studio the next day to meet with
him. We talked about my lifestyle, desires and setup a solid foundation for my program to develop with the trainer
he felt would be the best suited for me.
That same week I had my first session with my trainer Jeremiah. In just that first
session I had learned an enormous amount about not just how to do the exercises I was presented with that day. But, also
how they were supposed to feel! He was also able to explain to me what the movements were doing and their significance as
a means to an end. Jeremiah also had an very respectful appreciation for my novice physical aptitude, starting me at reps,
weights, and intensities that were manageable, while still challenging my limits. Jeremiah had me work harder than I ever
would have on my own.
I have been working with Jeremiah for over 2 years now. And, my transformation has been incredible! I am
physically capable of things I had never imagined I would be able to do before! And, as I grow my program keeps growing
along with me. I look and feel like I never have before! And, it would not have been possible without the enthusiastic,
challenging, thoughtful efforts and guidance I was able to find in Jeremiah.

Jonathan Miller
I started going to Body Intensity almost two years ago. At that time, my marriage fell apart and I needed to pick up the pieces and pull myself together for the sake of my children. At the most difficult times, my trainer, Jeremiah, helped me stay on track with my food journal and my training. Keeping my routine was the only thing that saved me from getting depressed and stay healthy.
When I train, Jeremiah uses a few different routines to keep it interesting. One of the most difficult routines that he likes to do ( and I do notLOL) is the five minutes rounds. In five minutes he chooses three or four exercises and I have to do as many as I can within the 5 min. After 5 min I am exhausted and ready to leave but there are 50 min more to go.You should see how good I look!

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As a former runner, I've always been lean and struggled to build and maintain muscle mass. I tried several different formats and formulas on my own. I've also worked with many trainers over the years and always had mediocre results.  In 2013, I had an opportunity to join on as a Reebok Sponsored Athlete and travel the country as a Les Mills National Trainer, training new fitness instructors in gyms all over. To be a role model, I knew I had to focus and get stronger. Luckily I found Dominick and Body Intensity. He not only got me, but he really understands how to tweak workouts for my specific body, metabolism, and goals. I've had better results in 2 years from Dominick than I had from all the years with all my previous trainers combined!! With his help, I've added about 25lbs of muscle mass made huge strength gains. Body Intensity is not just for losing weight, if you want to get stronger, you've gotta talk to Dominick.

--Joe Reed
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I came into Body Intensity knowing what I wanted my body to look like, just not knowing how to get it there. I met with Dom (the owner) who was extremely encouraging and motivating for the trial consultation. After discussing my goals he teamed me up with Andrew, one of his trainers. Andrew helped me understand weight lifting and nutrition and that it is more than just showing up to the gym to lift. Andrew has experience in all aspects of body development. He gets a 10 out of 10 for sure and I strongly recommend him and Body Intensity. Andrew is encouraging and I am well on my way to reach my goals.

  • Vinny Orlando

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Click to zoom the imageI have been a client of Body Intensity for the past seven years.
I previously worked with a former trainer but when he moved away I began looking for another place, close to home and with one-on-one training since that is what I had previously experienced.
In driving one day I sat at the light at Lancaster Ave. and Eagle Road I saw the sign and phone number of Body Intensity Personal Training.
I thought I would give them a try so I called, met with Dominick and have been working with him ever since!
I really enjoy my training at Body Intensity.
It is a positive environment and Dominick and the other trainers are consistently attentive to their client's needs.
I work out twice a week and wish to continue with strength training. I am interested in maintaining stability, strength, agility and overall fitness because I know it helps me in my other pursuits and just in daily living.
I have been committed to this type of training because I know how important it is to keep flexible and energized.
One develops more energy from working out.
I spend quite a bit of time riding horses (hunter riding) and have found that I am stronger and can sustain a great deal more in my riding as a result of working out at Body Intensity.
My legs are definitely stronger and I can sustain longer more intense lessons without tiring.
Horses do not necessarily require huge efforts of strength but riding requires one to have stamina, good balance, and the ability to concentrate intensely.
I have found all of those things have benefited from my training sessions.
My training also helps with a weekly ballet class that I take and the gardening and yard work that is also part of my life and my dog appreciates the longer walks that I give her.
Body Intensity has become a part of my weekly routine and I try not to miss a session as I can see the difference when that occurs.
Dominick and the other trainers are very attentive to ones aches and pains on occasion - they push for things to improve but always listen to a client who may have an occasional physical issue.
Body Intensity also encourages proper nutrition and is happy to help with a plan about weight loss along with also encouraging cardio workouts which help greatly with stamina.
Body Intensity is an all-around studio for fitness that caters to individuals that range in age from teenagers to retirees.
It is a place that can help each person regain fitness health, keep the fitness they already have, and work on new ways to develop strength and agility.
I am very happy I chose Body Intensity Personal Training and have made them a part of my weekly routine.

Marianne Morgan
Click to zoom the imageTraining with Dom has helped me achieve my most difficult level of climbing. Here I am leading a hard, overhanging climb as I enter my 60th year. Do I love doing pull-ups? No, but I love the results!

Gail Blauer

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Click to zoom the imageWhen I first came to Body Intensity I was over weight and on my way to type 2 diabetes. My self esteem was low but my hope was high. Dominick's enthusiasm and encouragement is contagious. He hand picked a trainer for me and he was spot on pairing me with Kristen. She is encouraging and relentless in her pursuit of your fitness goals. Every workout is customized to my personal needs. I have been training for 6 months and my transformation is amazing. Thanks Body Intensity.

Donna Lewis Jackson

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I am a 43 year old female who came to Body Intensity late January 2007, because I was always tired and just wanted to find some way to have more energy. You see, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a year and a half ago. Due to my MS, I have a weak left side, a gait imbalance that disabled me from running and I have fatigue which gets worse in the winter with shorter days. Every time, I tried to work out in the gym, on my own, I would end up giving myself bursitis in my hip just by being on the elliptical or walking on the treadmill for thirty minutes. The only way to relieve my pain from the bursitis was to have 2 cortisone shots to decrease the inflammation in my hip. Finally, after being too scared to injure myself again, a friend told me about Body Intensity, so I gave them a call. I met with Dominic and told him my concerns about re-injuring myself, how I had no energy, how I literally could not run and how I wanted to lose about 10 pounds. I started out going twice a week. When I first started exercising, I became winded immediately. As the weeks went on I became less and less winded and was gaining strength and energy and my balance was improving. I noticed I wasn't as tired as I had been before I started lifting weights. I also noticed I had a lot more energy, could take longer walks and I was sleeping better at night too!

Then one day I was at my son's little league baseball game and I realized I left something back at the snack bar I went back to get it and I realized I was running!!! My Husband, Mom and my son saw me running and they couldn't believe it. I attribute all my progress to working out at Body Intensity with my trainer. Even my MS doctor had told me not to worry about trying to run, that this was the most I was going to improve. Aside from the weight lifting improving my medical issues, I looked better too! My thighs and rear slimed down, my upper arms became less flabby and more muscular, my bust became more enhanced (by increasing my chest muscles) and I dropped a size! I was never a person who was interested in cardio either, but after lifting weights I am now walking three to four times a week. I'm just interested in maintaining my health and I know I feel better and sleep better when I exercise.

My name is Michael. I am a 27 year old who had been struggling with my exercise and nutritional habits when I decided to try something new to lose weight. I had attempted to set up a session with a trainer at the gym where I was a member. After showing up to find that my trainer was not in the day of my initial appointment, I went to Body Intensity.  I was immediately impressed from the beginning when Dom, the owner no less, spent an entire hour with me. Dom took my measurements and reviewed my recent nutritional habits and decided on the spot that I would be best served by a diet and exercise regimen. Dom seemed very excited about my prospects and his enthusiasm and energy motivated me to do my best. Within one month, steady exercise and diet monitored by my trainer proved to be the trick. I could see the weight melting away and was getting regular compliments from friends and co-workers. Month after month I have seen improvements in my weight and muscle definition that I never thought possible. Needless to say this has improved my confidence and self esteem all thanks to the staff at Body Intensity. I am enjoying a more successful social life and am about to embark on a exciting new career in law enforcement.

Thank you Body Intensity for the new me.
Dear Dominick: This letter is to thank you and my personal trainer, Frank, for the wonderful progress I have made to lose weight. Not only have I lost over twenty pounds, but I am stronger, more flexible and even shapely--not an easy undertaking at the age of 54! I am genuinely grateful to you and Frank for the ongoing support and enthusiasm which has made me enthusiastic and motivated. The individualized weight training exercises that Frank put together for me and guided me through has resulted in a stronger and leaner body. If you need a reference, please do not hesitate to use my name. I will gladly vouch for the wonderful job that you have done.

Thank you again. Sincerely, Linda Conn
A lifelong computer geek, I've spent a lot of time sitting down. My sedentary lifestyle had taken a toll, and I was badly out of shape. During a checkup, my family physician suggested that I work with a personal trainer on a fitness program. So I did what anybody in my situation would do: I procrastinated for six months! Finally, after saying "I'll call tomorrow" for half a year, I got in touch with Dominick, and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Before my consultation with Dominick, I had never set foot in a gym, and hadn't exercised on purpose since High School, so I was pretty nervous about beginning a fitness program. Dominick explained everything to me, answered all of my questions, measured me, and helped me work out my goals. A few days later, he introduced me to my trainer, Mike, and I haven't been the same since. I've been working with Mike for about six months now. In that time, I've dropped 60 pounds and almost 8 inches from my waist. Before, I could barely jog for a full minute without stopping to catch my breath; now I routinely do 4.5 miles. I've also learned how to eat smarter, based on Mike's feedback. After just a few weeks, everybody who saw me started to comment on how good I looked, and now after six months people barely recognize me. It hasn't been easy, but I can honestly say that I enjoy every session. Body Intensity provides a great environment for working out, from the trainers to the other clients. I would highly recommend Body Intensity, without hesitation, to anybody looking to make a change for the better.

Jim Smith  Havertown, PA
My name is Carol Hemsley. I am 47 years old. I came to Body Intensity after learning I had a herniated disk, bone spurs and arthritis in my neck. I also have lower back issues. I had been a member of our local Y for years and took advantage of the aerobic classes and the workout room. But after being released from physical therapy, I found that I just kept re-injuring myself. Christmas shopping put me over the line and I spent Christmas day taking painkillers borrowed from my mother. I tried to find a personal trainer but no one was interested in an injured person. I found Body Intensity in March. Dominic assured me they would take it slowly and get me back in shape. I wasn't interested in becoming a body builder; I just wanted to get through my life with little pain and be healthy. Michelle was my trainer and she was very patient with me. They tailored a program just for what I needed. Michelle took it very slowly in the beginning and little by little she helped me build my strength and support the muscles around the injured areas. She also explained everything and wrote everything down for me. I am definitely stronger now than I have ever been.

I have been going to Body Intensity for 9 months now, 2 days a week. I am doing things that I haven't been able to do in years. I always coddled myself thinking my back couldn't take certain exercises but now I can do more than ever. I am so very thankful for Michelle and her good nature. She always made it a pleasant (and challenging) workout. Bodybuilding? Hmmm....
I tell my students that they have two choices: they can make progress or excuses: they can't make both. I have also told them that it takes a strong person to ask for help. After years of struggling to get into better shape and having only limited success, I have finally decided to take my own advice where my health was concerned. Watch the results of dedication, hard work, and teamwork. Thanks and kudos to George, Dominic, and the gang at body Intensity for helping me to achieve my goals on a personal fitness level as well as on a theatrical level.

Michael Braverman  Haverford Middle School
Iv€I've been working with my trainer Michelle at Body Intensity for a little over two months now. Who would have guessed? I started looking into training in need of motivation to get fit before turning 40. I looked at two places, but with a free consultation and Dominic€s (the owner) willingness to make it as convenient for me as possible, I thought I€d try Body Intensity. No real pressure, which I liked, jut the want to make it easy to workout. But still, I was skeptical. Body Intensity not only set me up with a trainer but talked to me about what to eat and when. I was asked to write down my daily food intake and bring it in for their review. Seemed like a lot of adjustments at first glance. But Michelle was able to pick just one or two things at a timer for me to work on each week. This worked for me. And I learned a lot about how to adjust my eating habits. I wouldn€t call this a diet but a healthier way to eat. Working out has been fun. Yea I am sore at times, but €good sore€ as they say. I€ve been in places in the past, where my injuries acted up, or the workout was so hard that I had to stop for awhile-not at Body Intensity. They are in tune to me, my strengths, weaknesses, trouble areas, injuries, etc. And the workout is set-up just for me. When I started, there were exercises I could not do, and now I even amaze myself by not only being able to do them now, but to complete all the reps. I'd recommend Body Intensity to anyone. It's a complete body solution. From working with your schedule and needs, helping with what and when you eat, offering cardio and of course the one on one training  it just makes sense. And although a work in progress, I definitely feel and look better than I did 2 months ago.

Karen Fiore
My experience at body Intensity has been nothing but great. Owner Dominic Galvani and his staff are supportive and knowledgeable. My trainer, Michelle has taken me from being an overeater with little to no exercise to the active, healthy eating person I always wanted to be. Besides losing pounds and many inches since my first session in November 2004, I have also lowered my cholesterol more than 50 points, brought my blood pressure down to normal and recently found that I no longer fit in plus size clothes! What an accomplishment! I am so glad that I made that first call to body Intensity and started on this life-long journey.

Karen Repino
I am a 28 year old woman who came to Body Intensity after 1 years with another personal trainer with no results. After two months, twice a week working out with Dominick and Brian I was not only at my desired weight I felt better then I ever had in my adult life. One of the differences between working out at Body Intensity and other gyms is that they not only work with you on a physical level but also teach you the correct way to eat and how to track your caloric intake. The personal attention to my specific needs is still astounding to me and I thank Dominick and everyone at Body Intensity for their dedication to my needs.

Colleen Coffin
Kris S., Havertown, PA When a 300 PLUS pound business woman and mother of two teenagers wakes up in the morning, day after day, the last thought on her mind is physical fitness. For me, the thought of the day was consumed by putting on my best "game face", zooming into the fast paced world of special events and making it through another day without dropping dead from exhaustion. Last year, I received a prestigious award and could barely walk up 2 stage steps to receive it. I was struggling with breathing nearly to the point of suffocation 24 hours a day. I spent a week in the hospital going through test after test with no answers. Out patient testing continued with heart stress tests, breathing and lung tests, and much more all remaining a mystery. My cholesterol was 295. There was only one obvious answer. Lose weight. While I was pulling out of Starbucks one day with my usual calorie packed iced beverage with extra caramel and extra whipped cream, I noticed a flag across the street outside of Body Intensity, a personal training gym. Soon after, I met with trainer and owner, Dominic Galvani and something snapped in my brain. I heard the words, "It's time"! I liked the intimate setting of his gym and appreciated the one on one concept of undivided attention and the rest is history. I won't lie and tell you I love it. I hate it actually. My first few sessions were like getting root canal without anesthesia but it had to happen. I held on for dear life on the treadmill with slow paced steps for just a few minutes before I was completely out of breath and needed to stop. I learned quickly that there is truly an art to PERSONAL TRAINING and Body Intensity "gets it". Personal Training should be personal. I don't have the same needs as someone else. I am a high maintenance woman with tons of challenges at every turn, my hectic schedule being one of them. But Body Intensity really rose to the challenge. It turns out, the personal attention and on going accountability was exactly what I needed to get serious about my health. I just needed to find the right expert to trust with my body and make that huge leap of faith to get started. Now, I have finally integrated nutrition and physical fitness into my life. It is hard physical work. I sweat, I gripe, and sometimes I cry. I have my personal, one on one training and work out session 3 to 4 times per week and walk about 3 miles a day, six days a week. It's a challenge to find the time but they work around my schedule. How could I not love the results? I shrunk by a combined total of 32 inches off my body so far and I am still shrinking every day. My cholesterol went down. I can breath, walk, and even run. I can get up and down off the floor. My clothes fit better. I am more efficient with my housework and able to move more when working on my events.

Overall, Body Intensity continues to improve the quality of my life and keeps me focused on and accountable to move my body and make good food choices. Like Confucius says, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I don't even want to think about where I would be if I did not take that first step of trusting Body Intensity to help me do what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.
I must have driven by Body Intensity one million times. I was way too intimidated to go in even though I knew I did not feel good about myself. I did not feel healthy or strong and I was always tired. I finally got up the courage to go in and talk to Dominick. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. I quickly realized that I had no reason to be intimidated. Dominick was here to help people like me. He assigned me a great trainer who continues to motivate me one year later. My strength increased greatly and I now have the stamina to make it through a rough day and keep up with my kids. The atmosphere is very friendly and low-key. I actually look forward to training now. Thanks Dominick!

Laura Geraghty  Havertown, PA
I have been training at Body Intensity in Wayne, Pa for a little more than three years. I really look forward to my sessions with Dominick and occasionally his other trainers. Body Intensity is a place where one can feel comfortable and be challenged at the same time. Dominick is able to create a program for each person and help you achieve your goals. He challenges you to work hard and always listens when you might have a bad day. It is a friendly place and you always have the trainer's complete attention. So, that you achieve proper form and learn the correct manner of training.

Over my time at Body Intensity, I have become stronger and more fit. Working with Dominick has made me a stronger horsewoman and has given me the stamina I needed for ballet classes. I have recommended Body Intensity to many people. Because, I believe it is a wonderful place to develop physical strength and enhance daily life.

Marianne Morgan
Jeremiah is a great trainer. He always had a different workout for each session. I never did the same exercise twice. He practices what he preaches. He is a real asset to your business. I would highly recommend him to any of your new clients if they want to see real results. Thanks again!!

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