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Trend reporter Holly Love decides it's time to get fit and she tells how Body Intensity helped her get the results she wanted

Feeling The Burn!

Click to zoom the imageRecognize a little of yourself in me? I'm the queen of procrastination. I know that just walking isn't enough exercise to keep my body healthy or toned. And until I walked into the Body Intensity personal training outfit in Havertown, I thought "working out" wouldn't fit into my schedule, into my financial situation, or into my idea of fun.

I couldn't have been more wrong on all counts. Just like it is for everyone else, my consultation and first workout session were free - so that was a win-win.

My trainer was Body Intensity's owner Dominic Galvani. He asked about my medical history, about my own specific fitness goals ( a better butt anyone? ), and took my physical measurements, including my body fat percentage.

I was impressed by the Dominic customizes my fitness program just for me. I was impressed by the state of the art equipment, the really comfortable feel of the workout space, and with the staff's friendliness. but, here's what I was most impressed!

I honestly didn't know I had it in me to lift, push, pull, and crunch my way through an hour .. an hour that each week went faster than I would have believed. All those years I've spent wondering how to find the motivation, I could have been investing in personal training to get me going.

"The way we're different" says Dominic, "is that we don't tell you you have to come here three times a week for the rest of your life. A lot of other trainers create dependency in their clients that way. Here, every single time you come, we write down what exercises you've done, and we give you all the information you need to eventually be able to train at home as often as you like. A lot of people start out coming in three times a week, but later come here just once a month for maintenance".

That got my attention. And I have to agree with Danielle Flournoy of Broomall, a fellow Body Intensity trainee who slimmed down her legs considerably in just a few months. She says, "Dominic really makes it easy to get your mind off what you're doing". How true. You want a personal trainer who not only knows his stuff, but who you feel likes you and has a great sense of humor..and that's what Dominic is all about.

Was I sore and tired? Sure.. when I started, I could really feel it. But amazingly it only took a few days..not weeks..before the soreness ( a good thing! ) decreased dramatically and I felt better than ever. I've noticed more muscle tone in my body too. Arnold Schwarzenegger, look out!

One of the best perks of all isn't just that Body Intensity is air conditioned ( whew) or that it has a full bathroom if you'd like to take a shower before you leave. Or that I could do my cardiovascular training on a treadmill, bike, or step machine .. and watch that get easier every week. It's that Dominic also gives you the kind of nutrition advice you feel like you've been missing. I thought I knew it all, but I didn't know, for example, that it matters when you eat your starchy carbs and protein.

I did as Dominic suggests to all his clients .. I brought in a list of what I had eaten ( and what time of day I ate it ) since the last time I saw him. Then he told me what I was doing right, and what I was doing to hamper my fitness goals ( cookies and chocolate were my nemesis ). Take it from me, nothing makes you think twice about eating that brownie more than knowing you have to write it down and show it to somebody who cares about your health the way that Dominic does.

I was really surprised at how I was able to increase repetitions and weight on the exercises. Watching myself in the mirror was actually a self esteem booster, and never having to check my form .. Because Dominic does that for me and counting my reps, without being distracted by anything else .. was superb. The little things make such a difference, and the big things do too .. like how much better I sleep after using all these muscles That I never knew I had. I'm a;so eager to have my bone density tested again soon. That's an issue for so many women, and strength training is known to make a big difference when it comes to building bone.
Click to zoom the imageIt's really true that nothing beats making yourself healthier and better-looking at the same time. And the bottom line is, training hasn't been a grind--it's been a lot of fun. I'd take pumping iron with Dominic any day over all the other things I have to do. My new motto is, "Working out sure beats workin'!"
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