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At Body Intensity you will learn how your body works, and which types of training are best for your fitness goals.

Total Fitness

Weight Training

There are two types of weight training: Circuit training and Free weight training.

Circuit training is on machines. They have a minimum range of motion, they don't always follow the natural contours of your body, and henceforth your tone/muscle mass will come half as fast as the free weights.

Free Weights give you better range of motion than machines, they follow the natural contours of your body, and your flexibility gains are greater henceforth your gains are better than circuit training.

Do you believe that working out with weights builds muscle?

Yes, of course you do. In conjunction with a properly structured weight training program you need two ingredients, proper rest and the proper nutrition.

From week to week you want to change your weight training routines i.e. (sets, days, reps, rest, and exercise) because your body's muscles will adapt to the routines.

To keep your body's muscles advancing, you have to change your weight training programs weekly.

Cardiovascular Training

There are two zones of cardio training.

Zone 1 is your cardio zone that's when your body has a deficiency of oxygen. This is when your body will eat up your muscle. This will cause you to stop losing body fat.

Zone 2 is your body's target heart rate zone, which is your body's fat burning zone. This is when your body has a surplus of oxygen.

Everyone has a different target heart rate to burn fat which is determined by age, medical condition, and how much cardio they have been doing. Once you have this number, this number changes periodically determined by your body fat. If your body fat plateaus that number has to be adjusted upward.


Have you ever been on a regular diet?
Of course you have, regular diet says that you take in 2000 calories a day. That means you have to burn 2000 calories a day. A regular diet says you have to cut back on the calories, down to 1500, down to 1000. Calories are metabolically active so they affect your metabolism.

So cutting back on calories slows your metabolism down. That's why regular diets don't work alone.

You want to control the number of proteins, carbs and fat you take in daily.
You want to control the number of calories you take in daily.
You want to control the number of meals you eat per day.

Together, we will set up your weight training.

We will set up your cardio.

We will set up your nutrition.

Get the body you want.

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